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Expert Radiator Replacement & Car Radiator Repair

Beevers Radiator Shop in Lubbock, Texas, offers a variety of radiator replacement options. Call us now to learn more about our car radiator repair services. We work on all types of vehicles, including:

• Agricultural • Automotive Trucks • Commercial • Industrial

Specialized Services

As a specialty business, we can work magic on your radiators! When you go to your normal mechanic and they are not specialized in radiators, it ends up costing you more. It is possible that they will also increase the price: up to three or four times more than what we do. We have very fast turnaround rates, and in most cases, we can offer one-day service on almost everything. We also offer the following parts and services:

• A/C Condenser - New & Repairs
• ATV Service
• Air Cooler Charging
• Cooling System Flushing
• Custom Built Radiators
• Fuel Tank Cleaning and Repair
• Heater Core Replacement
• Intakes
• Minor Mechanic Work
• New & Rebuilt Radiators
• Oil Coolers
• Re-Coring
• Repairs
• Thermostat Replacement
• Water Pump Replacement
• Winterizing

Wrecker Services

Beevers Radiator Shop also offers wrecker services. If your car or truck breaks down and you need a tow, call us and we will come and pick you up—we will always get you to your destination!

Contact us now in Lubbock, Texas, for affordable radiator replacement and car radiator repair.